Mouth Full of Blood: Essays, Speeches, Meditations by Toni Morrison

A vital non-fiction collection from one of the most celebrated and revered American writers. 

Throughout Mouth Full of Blood our search for truth, moral integrity and expertise is met by Toni Morrison with controlled anger, elegance and literary excellence.

The collection is structured in three parts and these are heart-stoppingly introduced by a prayer for the dead of 9/11, a meditation on Martin Luther King and a eulogy for James Baldwin. Morrison's Nobel lecture, on the power of language, is accompanied by lectures to Amnesty International and the Newspaper Association of America. She speaks to graduating students and visitors to both the Louvre and America's Black Holocaust Museum.

She revisits The Bluest Eye, Sula and Beloved; reassessing the novels that have become touchstones for generations of readers. Mouth Full of Blood is a powerful, erudite and essential gathering of ideas that speaks to us all. It celebrates Morrison's extraordinary contribution to the literary world.

Further Information:

  • Format: Hardback / 368 pages
  • Publisher: Vintage Publishing, Imprint: Chatto & Windus
  • ISBN: 9781474607254
  • Published: 21 February 2019


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