Literature Ladies Embroidered Iron on Patch

A iron on, embroidered patch, celebrating a talented array of 'literature ladies' including Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf. 

Display your love of books by fixing this patch to your bag, jumper or denim jacket. Iron on this book patch for easy application or fasten with safety pins if you prefer a less permanent addition to you jacket. 

The patch will be sent with the iron on instructions and makes an ideal gift for a book lover. 


1. Set the iron to a hot cotton setting. Do not use a steam setting.

2. Place the patch in the desired location and cover with a thin piece of cloth (such as a pillowcase).

3. Iron and apply firm pressure evenly on the patch for approx 30-40 seconds.

4. Iron the opposite side for approx 20-30 seconds to reinforce. When washing turn your garment inside out and use a gentle wash cycle.