Seconds Sale Lucky Dip Box

EDIT - SOLD OUT! Thank you so much - I'm blown away by how quickly these sold out! I'm so sorry if you missed out this time. We'll be holding another seconds sale in a few months time with individually listed items such as t-shirts so keep a lookout for that. Thank you for your support!


Your chance to grab a box of mystery items for a special discounted price!

We've saved up every imperfect item we've spotted over the last few months, and created a limited number of Lucky Dip Boxes for a bargain price.

'Seconds Sale' items are products that have small flaws such as marks on an enamel pin or a bend on a notebook. The items are still usable but their minor imperfections mean we're unable to sell them at full retail price.

Please read the below information carefully before placing your order:

There are two sizes of Lucky Dip Boxes:

£10 Lucky Dip Box

Contains four enamel pin badges and at least two stationery items

£15 Lucky Dip Box

Contains five enamel pin badges, at least two stationery items and another item such as a brass bookmark, necklace, tote bag etc. 

  • The lucky dip boxes are already pre-packed at random so we’re unable to take request for specific items in your boxes.
  • If you purchase more than one lucky dip box, there is a chance that you will end up with the same products as some enamel pin designs have had more ‘seconds’ in a production batch than others.
  • Seconds sale pins may not be mounted on backing cards as we usually spot the imperfection before we pop them on the cards. 
  • We’re unable to accept returns or exchanges on any lucky dip boxes or the products within them.